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Effective: 29th May 2024


NavSports.com is owned and operated by NavSports Pty Ltd, ACN 118 594 504.

NavSports.com is a comprehensive free platform designed exclusively for sports individuals and businesses. We are committed to providing a seamless, ad-free experience, fostering engagement, promotion, and meaningful connections within the sports community.

1. Acceptance and Modification of Terms

1.1 Acceptance: By accessing and using NavSports.com, you acknowledge and agree to these Terms of Use, establishing a legally binding agreement with us.

1.2 Updates: NavSports.com reserves the right to modify these terms. Your continued use post-modification signifies acceptance.

2. Account Registration and Usage

2.1 Eligibility: Users must be 13 years or older to use NavSports.com. Minors require guardian consent.

2.2 Account Responsibilities: Maintain the confidentiality of your account and bear responsibility for all activities under your login.

2.3 Acceptable Use: Your use of NavSports.com should comply with laws, not infringe upon others’ rights, and adhere to our content guidelines.

3. Features for Sports Individuals and Businesses

3.1 Profile Creation: Sports businesses and individuals can create profiles to showcase services or connect with others.

3.2 Event Listings and Attendance: Businesses can list sports events, and individuals can express interest or confirm attendance through an ‘Attend’ feature.

3.3 Job Listings: Businesses can post job opportunities, providing individuals with engagement opportunities within the sports industry.

3.4 Content Sharing: Users can share content, engage with posts, and promote sports events or achievements, fostering a vibrant community interaction.

4. Financial Provisions

4.1 No Fees: NavSports.com provides free access to both individuals and sports businesses, emphasizing our commitment to promoting sports accessibility.

4.2 Donations: Users can support NavSports.com through voluntary, non-refundable donations that contribute to our operational costs.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

5.1 User Content License: By posting content, you grant NavSports.com a worldwide, non-exclusive license to use, reproduce, and display your content.

5.2 NavSports.com Content: Our content, including trademarks and logos, is our property and cannot be used without explicit permission.

6. Dispute Resolution and Legal Compliance

6.1 Indemnification: Users agree to indemnify NavSports.com from any claims arising from their use of the platform.

6.2 Arbitration: Disputes under these terms will be resolved through binding arbitration, with limited exceptions.

6.3 Limitation of Liability: NavSports.com’s liability is limited, focusing on provision without warranties except as expressly stated.

7. General Provisions

7.1 Governing Law: These terms are governed by applicable laws in the jurisdiction of NavSports.com’s operation.

7.2 Severability: If any provision is deemed invalid, the remainder of the terms remains enforceable.

7.3 Entire Agreement: These Terms of Use represent the complete agreement between NavSports.com and its users regarding the platform’s use.

8. Linked Data Analytics

8.1 Collection and Use of Linked Data Analytics:

  • NavSports.com collects aggregated, anonymized data related to user participation and engagement on the platform (“Linked Data Analytics”).
  • This data is utilized to analyze trends, understand participation rates in various sports activities, and improve the user experience on our platform.
  • The insights derived from Linked Data Analytics help us and our partners, including national sporting bodies, to enhance sports programs, tailor offerings, and promote sports participation across different locations.

8.2 Sharing of Linked Data Analytics:

  • We may share Linked Data Analytics with third parties, including national sporting bodies and other partners, to support their efforts in promoting sports and understanding participation dynamics.
  • It is important to note that the data shared will be strictly non-personal; it will not include any information that can directly identify any individual user.
  • The shared data is intended to provide insights into sports participation trends and will not be used by any third party to identify, contact, or target advertising to individual users.

8.3 Your Consent:

By using NavSports.com, you acknowledge and agree that your non-personal data may be included in Linked Data Analytics and shared with third parties as described above.

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and that only non-identifiable, aggregated data is used for these purposes.


9. Scout Me – Tell Us Your Story: Sponsorship Competition Australia Wide

Competition Details:

  • Sponsor: NavSports Pty Ltd (ACN 118 594 504)
  • Prizes: Two sponsorship awards of $1000 each, totalling $2,000 AUD.
  • Eligibility: Open to aspiring athletes aged 13yrs+ from any sport, residing in Australia.
  • Entry Period: Ends on Friday, 26th July 2024, 5 PM EST.
  • Winner Announcement: Tuesday, 13th August 2024, 12 PM EST.

Entry Process:

  1. Registration: Entrants must create a free participant profile at NavSports.com and enter through the ‘Scout Me’ link.
  2. Submission: Provide Name, Address, DOB, Phone Number, Email, Your Sport, a brief sporting journey description, and intended use of the sponsorship.
  3. Privacy: Contact information, including address, phone number, and email, is collected solely to verify the validity of an applicant’s entry and to communicate regarding the competition. This information will not be used for any other purposes.
  4. Selection:
    • One winner will be chosen based on the highest number of votes from other participant and sports business profiles on NavSports.com.
    • One winner will be selected by Suzy Balogh OAM, Olympic and Commonwealth Gold Medallist, based on entry quality. See information below.

Terms and Conditions:

  • License: Entrants grant NavSports Pty Ltd a non-exclusive worldwide license to use and display entry content on NavSports.com and related media on and offline.
  • Amendments: NavSports Pty Ltd reserves the right to modify competition terms without notice.
  • Liability: Entrants agree to release NavSports Pty Ltd, organizers, and Suzy Balogh from any claims related to participation in the competition.
  • Fair Play: Entries involving vote manipulation or misleading information will be disqualified.
  • If emails from accounts can not be verified or are blocked by our antivirus software, they will not count towards votes and the recipient of these votes may have their entry disqualified under these Fair Play terms and conditions.
  • Emails from Disposable Email Addresses, Temporary and anonymous inbox’s will be deleted from our system and any votes from these emails will be removed along with associated accounts and the recipient of these votes may have their entry deemed invalid.
  • Inquiries: Direct any questions to scoutme@navsports.com.


10. Contact Us

For questions about these Terms of Use, please contact us at support@navsports.com.

Thank you for choosing NavSports.com. We are dedicated to enhancing your sports experience, supporting businesses to expand their reach, and enabling individuals to explore and engage in the sports community.

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