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What exactly is entailed in a job in professional sports? My experience has shown me many of the benefits and pitfalls, and this article is intended to share what I have learned! A career working in sports is a noble...
For many of us it might take what feels like a life time to find what we would love to do as a career and for others not so long. Richard Benaud an Australian all-round cricketer/commentator and all-round nice...
Intercollegiate athletics are popular throughout higher education, which includes the oft forgotten community college.  While the NCAA gets most of the attention, over 78,000 student athletes participate in community college athletic programs at over 630 schools every year.  However,...
Last night I turned on ESPN’s SportsCenter, hoping to get my daily dose of sports information and updates. Instead, I received about straight 30 minutes of strictly commentary and opinions. At a time when the MLB pennant...
Michael Clarke plays his 115th and final Test tomorrow night, Thursday, August 20, AEST time. It is the end of a wonderful career for the right-hander who averages a tick under 50 at Test level. Clarke debuted in Bangalore, India, in...

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