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The Good With The Bad Building an Image Football First Fit the Mold An Elite Brand Sports fame can be both a blessing and a curse. Just ask any professional athlete that is easily recognizable. These athletes can hardly go anywhere in public without...
I’m about to take you back… way back. Do you remember your days playing sports? Why did you play? Close your eyes and climb into a time machine to go back to when you were young and how you felt...
Every week we experience unexpected winners, close battles, and lopsided shellackings. TV production crews bring these games into our homes with the best in-game experience and energy as ever. First, let’s acknowledge the efforts of these people,...
Working in the NFL for numerous years, it was refreshing to interact with a humble player. It tended to be a rare occurrence! I thank players like Don Muhlbach, Paris Lenon, Drew Stanton, Cedric Peerman, and many others for...
Drama is entertaining. Sports are entertaining. But together they create a “cannot miss script” for a Hollywood movie! Such is the case in Washington these days at Redskins camp. The ongoing discourse between Robert Griffin...
No athlete achieves success on his or her own. Every athlete has been given an opportunity at some point along the career path. Ask any professional athlete, and they will tell you that they would have never achieved their...

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